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Explore a collection of creative wooden spool crafts that will inspire your DIY projects. Discover unique ideas to upcycle wooden spools and create beautiful and functional pieces for your home.
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Wooden Spool Flowers

Happy Monday! With the weather being so crazy and cold in many areas throughout the country, I thought I would brighten up the blog a little with a spring-inspired flower project—wooden spool flowers. They are pretty simple to make. Here is what you will need: Wooden spools, paper straws, hemp cord, and die cut flowers [...]

Sharon Cook
Spool Snowman Ornament-  AWESOME!!  i have spools and this is a great fun activity for December! Spool Snowman, Pill Bottle Crafts, Wooden Spool Crafts, Christmas Ornaments Diy Kids, Diy Schneemann, Diy Snowman Ornaments, Snowmen Ornaments, Spool Crafts, Wooden Spool

I'm Baaaaack.... With a Winter Giveaway and a Black Friday Sale!

*I'm extending the deadline for entries for the giveaway until the 7th! I'm mostly settled in our new home in Virginia. Boy, it's a lot different then living in Hawaii.... at least the weather is! But I love it! I've unpacked enough to function.... the rest can wait until I'm in the mood... I'm totally going to decorate for Christmas first! hee hee Since I've been absent for a while due to not having my household goods for nearly 2 months, I thought I'd kick off again with a winter giveaway…

Sarah Stussy