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Kamisama Kiss (Tomoe x Reader) - Chapter 4

You are the second most feared and beautiful wolf yokai that anyone has ever seen, no one dare get close to you or kill you since your the strongest out of all the yokais in the world.When you were sitting in the tree enjoying the breeze of the night sky and the moonlight, you suddenly heard a scream from the red light district so you get off the tree you were sitting and started to ran with inhuman speed, as you got there something unexpected happened to you that will change you…

Corinne Pereira
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Her triplet Alphas

Chasity has spent years being picked on by the identical Triplets: Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix and Alpha Calix Thorn. They’re rich, handsome and popular werewolves and they make sure Chasity knows she is a poor, "fat" and unpopular she-wolf. The boys pull her golden curls and mock her every move, nicknaming her ChaRity because she was taken into the pack house when left behind by her gambling, drug-ad...

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