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Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at a wild park. Discover breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and thrilling adventures for an unforgettable experience.
Central Green Forest Park by Hassell « Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine Patchwork, Nature Knowledge, Chinese Lunar Calendar, Forest Room, Park Signage, Industrial Estate, Directional Signage, Park Landscape, China Design

Central Green Forest Park by Hassell

From a contaminated industrial estate to a 5.5 sq km oasis of nature in the heart of Beijing, China. The Central Green Forest Park has been essential to the ecological recovery of a site that was a former chemicals factory. It has fast become one of Beijing’s most popular green spaces, playing host to an […]

Hassett Park by Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture « Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine Rain Garden Landscape, Landscape Architecture Park, Wild Park, Landscape Architecture Model, Landscape Architecture Diagram, Systems Design, Wetland Park, Landscape Architecture Drawing, Park Landscape

Hassett Park by Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture: Campbell Section 5 occupies a pivotal site at the junction of two major Griffin axes between Capital Hill and Mount Ainslie, and Civic and Russell. Few sites, by location, are awarded the opportunity to reinforce this dominant Canberra Legacy. Hassett Park is a new urban park in the public domain framework […]

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Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY by ASPECT Studios

ASPECT Studios: The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden by ASPECT Studios was officially opened in October 2017 by NSW Minister for the Environment, Local Government and Heritage, Gabrielle Upton. Located within Centennial Parklands Learning Centre, WILD PLAY is designed as a learning experience for kids of all abilities aged 2-12. Its botanical adventure covers […]

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