Whistler's mother

Explore a collection of captivating artworks inspired by Whistler's Mother. Discover the beauty and significance of this iconic painting and its influence on the art world.
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I should start out by saying that I have never studied art and know very little about it. I don’t know what makes a good painting great or a great painting a masterpiece but I do know what makes one famous. That would be any painting that even a guy like me would recognize. This list is not about colors, depth of field, symbolism, interpretation or why the artist chose to paint on beaverboard over canvas. This list looks at the personal lives of the people that have posed as subjects or…

Janet Pitts
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Increasingly, the moms of celebrities are getting into the 140-character act. They may not have the massive followings of their famous children, but their proximity to celebrity alone seems to be enough to help them rack up followers.

Jose Jesus