Watercolor basic

Discover the essentials of watercolor painting with this beginner's guide. Explore basic techniques and helpful tips to create beautiful watercolor artworks.
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Watercolor Basics | Understanding Color

If you are new to watercolor start with the Watercolor Basics,then learn more with Watercolor Techniques.If you have been painting for a while and know the basics and techniques try some of the fun Watercolor Tips. Watercolor Lessons are easy to follow.

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art techniques: watercolor basics

We are back in action with our third Virtual Creative Hour! So many people had questions about watercolor so I'm going to take it really slow by starting off with just techniques and some fun ways to experiment with the medium. Fun Fact: I started off painting with mostly watercolor! My husband's cousin and I started a stationery company on Etsy one year and sold hand painted cards. We even did a "Paper Exchange" and matched up companies to send care packages to each other. It was super…

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10 Fun Watercolor Techniques To Try | Susan Chiang

If you're just getting into watercolors or you've been painting for a while, sometimes it's fun to just experiment with techniques that you don't normally use when painting. I usually only paint using the basic watercolor techniques (see #1-#3) , but some of these are really fun to play around with,

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Watercolor Coffee Painting (A Complete Step by Step Tutorial) - Watercolor Affair

​I’ve heard it said that coffee boosts creativity. Whether that's true or not, I thought you might like to join me by following along with this watercolor coffee cup tutorial. I’m always on the lookout for new subjects to paint. The ring stain of coffee on my desktop provided the inspiration for this latest watercolor.

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29 Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

We have more time staying at home these days and finding something interesting to do seem to be important. Watercolor painting is really a great idea worth trying. It seems quite easy to draw but in fact the difficult part is to add life to the painting. To get you inspired, we’ve piled up some […]

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45+ Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners!

Starting with simple and approachable subjects can help you gain confidence in your ability to create beautiful watercolor paintings. From realistic

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