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Explore the benefits of Waldorf education for homeschooling and create a nurturing and holistic learning environment for your child. Find resources, tips, and ideas to incorporate Waldorf principles into your homeschool curriculum.
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Our Eclectic Homeschool: How We Blend Charlotte Mason and Waldorf Together

In my last two posts, I shared with you my favorite elements from the Charlotte Mason approach (click here to read) and the Waldorf approach (click here to read.) Many people find that these two approaches compliment each other very well, especially when given flexibility and an open mind concerning educational philosophies. Here's how that looks for us: Generous Blending of Books and Storytelling My love affair with beautiful books blends beautifully with my passion for face-to-face…

Soraya Delgado
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A Waldorf-Inspired Homeschool: Where To Start

Waldorf is a holistic educational model that strives to teach the whole child... head, heart, and soul. It's appealing and exciting, but can also feel overwhelming! Kirtsee Raki explains how you too can gift your children a Waldorf-inspired education.

Cinthia Ruiz
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Waldorf Homeschooling: Things we love about the Waldorf Method

In my last post, I described our relaxed, eclectic homeschool approach as a recipe--one that starts with a Charlotte Mason and Waldorf foundation, throws in a a generous helping of unit studies, sprinkles in some classical education, and occasionally gets ignored in favor of periodic unschooling. This recipe also changes often with seasons, interests, and with the phases in our lives. We are far from purists of any of these approaches, choosing rather to take what we love about each and…

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Montessori vs. Waldorf - A Review Of Two Alternative Educational Philosophies - Frugal For Luxury

I grew up attending school in France and never liked it. I have always been successful, ranking top of my classes, graduated high school at age 16… but I always hated school. I felt like I did not belong. I was not interested in the way we were taught – […]