Victor nizovtsev

Explore the mesmerizing artwork of Victor Nizovtsev, known for his captivating and dreamlike illustrations. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination and fantasy with his unique style.
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Victor NIZOVTSEV (Виктор Низовцев) was born on 1965 in a region known as Ulan-Ude, next to Lake Baical in Russia. His family moved to the Republic of Moldava when Victor was young. He grew up in the town of Hincesti, 30 miles southeast of the capital of Moldava, Chisinau.

Jade Richardson
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Victor Nizovtsev, 1965 | Magic Realism painter

Виктор Низовцев is a Russian painter, a master of whimsical and narrative art. Subjects include fantasy landscapes, russian folklore, theatre, and mermaids. I've been on the hunt for Nizovtsev's mermaids for a while now, and in total I have found 9 of them on the internet. I know there are more. He does them so well, and with such care, I imagine his studio overrun with them.

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