Vegetarian pasta bake

Try these mouthwatering vegetarian pasta bake recipes that are packed with flavor and wholesome ingredients. Discover easy and satisfying meals that the whole family will love.
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Pasta with spinach & mushroom sautéed in butter and garlic then baked in parmesan cream sauce. This creamy pasta casserole is packed full of flavor and makes a delicious quick weeknight dinner! A pasta casserole is the perfect weeknight dish because it's warm and comforting and feeds the entire family. This spinach and mushroom pasta

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This super EASY cottage cheese pasta bake is made with tomato sauce, broccoli, spinach, and protein-packed cottage cheese. It's creamy on the inside, with a layer of crispy melted cheese and penne pasta on the top. Perfect for a healthy, vegetarian dinner for the whole family!

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This vegan pasta bake is the perfect, family favorite weeknight dinner! It's high in protein from green lentils, made with pantry staple ingredients and perfect to meal prep for the week. Serve it with a side kale salad!

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