Vegetarian entertaining recipes

Discover a collection of mouthwatering vegetarian recipes that will impress your guests at your next gathering. From appetizers to main courses, find the perfect dishes to create a memorable and flavorful dining experience.
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The only thing we love more than binge-watching various television shows starring Giada de Laurentiis is actually making her recipes. She has phenomenal pasta recipes, delicious pantry recipes, and comes up with unique ideas for serving them all - like, have you ever seen anything as cute as her lemon risotto cups? Another thing we love about her recipes is the fact that so many of them are vegetarian. You can find tons of vegetarian Italian recipes on her blog, and many of her recipes are…

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When it comes to party food ideas, what do you do when not everyone eats meat? Instead of just providing crudité and crackers, there are plenty of vegetarian food options you can make yourself. And vegetarian party food, especially, can be just as tasty.

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Looking for some healthy and easy vegetarian recipes for spring days? I share a few delicious vegan or spring vegetarian recipes that are best for meal prep. These recipes are easy to make with fresh spring green vegetables, healthy and great for lunch or dinner. Let’s make these meals at home and enjoy!