Vegan mayonnaise

Discover a variety of delicious vegan mayonnaise recipes that are perfect for adding a healthier twist to your favorite dishes. Try these plant-based alternatives and elevate your culinary experience.
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30 Seconds Foolproof Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise

Stop spending crazy amounts of money on overly expensive store-bought Vegan Mayonnaise; make your own at home in mere seconds with only 4 simple ingredients; This technique is so quick and easy and produces such a rich, thick and creamy mayonnaise, you'll adopt it as soon as you try it!

Jennifer Trevino
Quick and Easy Vegan Mayonnaise (with Sweet Chilli option) Vegan Sauces, Vegan Mayonaise, Deserturi Raw Vegan, Plat Vegan, Quick Easy Vegan, Vegan Dip, Vegan Mayonnaise, Sweet Chilli, Vegetarian Vegan Recipes

Quick & Easy Vegan Mayonnaise (with Sweet Chilli option)

When using a can of chickpeas, don’t discard the water! Instead use it to make delicious home-made mayonnaise. For me, the ratio of ingredients below produces a mayonnaise that is very close in taste to my favourite store-bought mayo (Vegenaise). However, feel free to adapt the quantities of vinegar, sweetener, mustard and salt to suit your own taste buds. I’ve also added a sweet chilli mayo option, which is delicious (probably my favourite home-made mayo, to date).