Urban Chickens

Learn how to raise urban chickens in your backyard and enjoy fresh eggs every day. Discover tips and tricks for creating a sustainable and rewarding experience with your feathered friends.
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What do City Chickens Need? Basic Requirements for Backyard Chickens - Backyard Chicken Project

Raising city chickens is so much fun, and a great way to ensure you get fresh, healthy eggs every day! Keeping backyard chickens is a little different than most pets. There are certain requirements to keep your new chicken friends happy and healthy. In this post we'll cover everything you'll need to get started with

Backyard Chicken Project | Raising Chickens & Homesteading
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5 Best Chicken Breeds for Kids - Backyard Chicken Project

While there are tons of wonderful chicken breeds out there, we've picked our top five chicken breeds for kids based on their personality, ease of care, and temperament. These five breeds fit the bill for the perfect family pet-with-benefits! If your family is thinking about bringing chickens into your backyard, this post is for you!

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