Typing lessons

Improve your typing skills with these effective lessons that will help you type faster and more accurately. Start your typing journey today and become a master typist in no time.
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Now that we have our office/homeschool room set up and the family computer is back online I decided it’s time to start teaching the girls to type. Since Lena learned that the Mars rover is controlled by coding here on Earth she’s wanted to do more with computers. The kids are pretty good with the mouse, but aren’t too familiar with the keyboard. They hunt and peck for every letter, and sometimes it takes them several minutes just to find the letter they need. I decided to research some free…

Donna Thompson
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It's Friday, and I know your concentration is probably waning. So, I have a suggestion for having fun while increasing your productivity: play a typing game! If you type anything, ever, then you probably waste a fair amount of time, pausing to look at the keys or hitting that backspace button to correct a typing […]