Types of blondes

Discover the various types of blondes and find the perfect shade that suits your style. From platinum to honey, explore top ideas to achieve your desired blonde look.
To achieve this pearl blonde color: ask for heavy highlights, and a toner with natural ash base. Jennifer Lawrence, Highlights, Blonde Highlights, Balayage, Ash Blonde Highlights, Ash Blonde, Perfect Blonde Hair, Blonde Hair Shades, Blonde Color

Ever sit in your stylists chair and have no idea how to describe what you want? You and your stylist are trying to come to a solution and you feel like a deer in headlights? I've had clients show me pictures of golden highlights when they're saying the want ashy tones, and request a balayag

Briana Irving

Going from Brunette to Blonde is not an easy process. A lot of clients think it can just be done in one visit, by putting one color all over the hair, simple as that...but that's not the case. It takes skill, patience, confidence, experience, a colorist who knows her stuff, and a client who is cool,

Kate Madaus