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Discover the optimal TV height for the perfect viewing experience. Learn how to position your TV to enhance your comfort and enjoyment while watching your favorite shows and movies.
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How High Should a TV Be Mounted? - The Plug - HelloTech

Getting a new TV is exciting, but once you unbox it, you have to figure out where to put it. If you mount your TV too high or too low, you won't get the

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60-Inch TV Dimensions and Guidelines (with 3 Drawings) - Homenish

A 60-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio will measure 52.28 × 29.41 inches (132.79 × 74.70 centimeters) and take up a total area of 1,537.55 square inches (9,919.41 square centimeters).

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Help! Sectional sofa in front of windows dilemma

I‘m so glad I found this forum. We got a new sectional and rearranged our living room a year ago. I decided I was unhappy with the current curtains and needed a new coffee table and rug. (See below) Everything felt kind of yellow and I was hoping for brighter “white” tones. I’ve tried several cu...

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