Tropical Garden

Transform your outdoor space into a lush tropical paradise with these top ideas for designing a stunning garden. Discover how to incorporate vibrant plants, exotic flowers, and relaxing features to create your own oasis.
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42 Stunning Corner Garden Designs for Your Tropical Oasis

42 Stunning Corner Garden Designs for Your Tropical Oasis. Looking for corner garden ideas? Explore these captivating designs that bring a touch of the tropics to your backyard. Get inspired to create a lush and vibrant outdoor sanctuary where you can unwind and escape!

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25 Cold Hardy Tropical Plants to Create a Tropical Garden in Cold Climate

If you love to have a tropical garden like setup and you live in a cold climate then grow these cold hardy tropical plants to create a tropical garden in a cold climate.

Sonya Mccormick
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Tips for Designing a Low-Allergy Backyard

Tips for Designing a Low-Allergy Backyard Discover essential tips for designing a low-allergy backyard to enjoy an outdoor space that's both beautiful and friendly to your allergies.

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10 Grasses for Tropical Gardens in Cooler Climates

Very often, Japanese gardens will have a tropical theme or look to them. This is because southern regions of Japan are sub-tropical. In this article I will identify 6 palms or ‘palm like’ plants for a temperate climate Japanese garden.

Jennifer Sanders

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