Tom turkey

Get inspired with creative craft ideas for making adorable Tom Turkey decorations. Add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving celebrations with these fun and easy DIY projects.
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With Thanksgiving upon us, more than a few of you are probably going to dine on a bird you shot yourself. When the time comes to feast, we all have our favorite part of the bird. But what happens to the less traditional edible parts or the more obscure, yet useful, pieces? There's no better time than now to discuss the useful animal parts that often get thrown away.

Clare Anderson
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The large size, iridescent bronze plumage, and naked bluish head should distinguish Wild Turkeys from all other birds. Males have a prominent red neck wattle, a beard, and spurs on their legs. Their back and breast feathers are tipped with black. Females are smaller, less brightly colored, and generally lacks a beard (a few females have beards up to 3 inches in length). The back and breast feathers of females are tipped with yellowish brown or white. Adult males average 48 inches in length…

Murad Joseph