Tom Hiddleston

Discover the incredible journey of Tom Hiddleston, from his breakout role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to his acclaimed performances in theater and television. Explore the best moments and lesser-known facts about this talented actor.
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Dear Diary|| Loki x Fem!Reader.|| Slow Updates - 17.*switch*

"I found y/n diary" Peter moved the diary around. Tony looked at Peter as he kept waiving the black notebook out. "Spill it" he smirked teasing you as your cheeks turned red. "Don't" you murmured trying to catch the small notebook, but being so short never helped. "Dear diary, we have a new guy over. It's Thor's brother, kinda cute but also annoying" he read out loud as everyone started turning towards you, as you hid yourself behind your hand. A story about love and passion. The story is…


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