Tigers eye gemstone

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Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye | Moon Pebbles

Learn about the healing properties and meaning behind one of the most unique gems in nature, tiger's eye. Find out why tiger's eye is a healing crystal for everything from finances to overcoming grief.

Louise Lee
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Triple Protection - Black Obsidian Bracelet

AMPLIFY YOUR ENERGY: Crafted with the three most protective stones - Hematite, Black Obsidian, and Tiger’s Eye - the Triple Protection crystal bracelet for women is designed to safeguard both men, women, and couples alike. Through the combined energy of these powerful stones, its protective power is amplified tenfold THE HEALING STONE WITH CALMING BENEFITS: Hematite, renowned for its small beaded bracelets properties, addresses blood-related disorders while offering a myriad of benefits…

Kim Murphy
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Tiger's Eye Benefits And Meaning

Tiger's eye is a very popular gemstone. It has many benefits and uses. In this post we will be exploring the many meanings of tigereye stones. Tigereye is a brown stone which has golden flairs in it. You can see it shining when you hold the stone up in the sun. That's how you know it's tigereye. Tigereye is often worn for it's metaphysical benefits. These benefits include: Courage Confidence Luck Grounding Strength Protection Physical action If you are lacking confidence, tigereye is a great…

Deborah Hansen