Thors hammer

Unleash the power of Thor's hammer with these stunning designs and inspirations. Discover the perfect hammer to channel your inner superhero and add a touch of Norse mythology to your collection.
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Mjolnir, Thor's hammer

〕About the work: Mjolnir, legendary and nearly indestructible, made of uru metal and belongs to the whole Thor, the Strongest Avenger! This was my first hero prop made for games. I used photoshop to create the symbols, modeled and opened the UV with Blender, baked it with marmoset, texturing was with substance painter and the renders were taken and updated (11/16/2022) in the Marmoset Toolbag. 〕Polycount: 5.310 Triangles 〕Workflow: PBR Metallic Roughness Thanks for reading!

Kelly-Marie Oliver