The oregon trail

Embark on a journey through the iconic Oregon Trail and experience the thrill of the pioneers. Discover the history, landmarks, and adventure waiting for you along this legendary route.
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In the year 1836, the first wagon train set off from Independence, Missouri, heading west. That wagon train followed the Oregon Trail, a route laid down by fur trappers and traders just 20 years before. This was the first wagon train to set off on the 2,170-mile route. And it…

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Joseph Herrin (04-10-2013) Three years ago this month I posted a series titled Wilderness Survival for Christians. In this series I wrote of the coming days of tribulation where the Spirit of Christ will direct the people of God into a wilderness experience. The focus of the writing was to share with the saints how they might prepare themselves to survive, and even thrive, in days that will see a great many…

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