The great mouse detective

Embark on a thrilling adventure with The Great Mouse Detective. Join Basil of Baker Street and his loyal friends as they solve a perplexing case. Get ready for excitement, suspense, and a dash of humor in this classic Disney animated film.
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Basil of Baker Street (or Basil for short) is the titular protagonist of Disney's 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective. A well-known brave detective, he solves many cases in London to help mice in need. One case of his that remains unsolved is his archenemy, Professor Ratigan, still at large in London, and Basil won’t rest until the criminal mastermind is found and put in prison. Basil is a take-off of the classic Sherlock Holmes character, modeling his career after the famous detective's…

Animation Collection: Original production cel of Professor Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective," 1986 The Great Mouse Detective Ratigan, Ratigan The Great Mouse Detective, Professor Ratigan, Good Character Design, Basil Of Baker Street, London In June, Great Mouse Detective, Mouse Detective, The Great Mouse Detective

Original hand painted production cel of Professor Ratigan set on a lithographic copy of a non-production watercolor background that matches the scene from "The Great Mouse Detective," 1986; Numbered 7 and Disney seal lower right; Size - Ratigan: 6 3/4" x 6 1/2"; Image: 11" x 15". To purchase this cel or to visit the Art Gallery, CLICK HERE It took Disney way too long to finally cast veteran actor Vincent Price, known for his roles in horror films, in the role of the villain Ratigan. Price…

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