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Discover creative and effective methods to teach kids in a fun and engaging way. Get inspired with these ideas to make learning enjoyable for children.
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In this activity children will create feelings faces to explore different feelings to build their emotional intelligence... Did you know that including social emotional learning activities when teaching can lead to better academic performance? For so long, schools focused only on teaching academics, but with more and more research, people are understanding the value in

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I've had such a love-hate relationship with data notebooks over the years. I've always worked in "Baldrige" schools that have required every teacher to have a data wall and every student to have a data notebook. My first few years in the classroom, this would be something that I spent my first week of school

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How important are good manners these days?  Basic guidelines and expectations for manners, with printable included. www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

I can often be heard saying "Mind your p's and q's" to my kids before they go anywhere. Thank you Mom for saying that 910393472 times so now I've passed ....