Surreal tattoo

Experience the magic of surreal tattoos with our top picks of mind-blowing designs. Get inspired and find your next unique and mesmerizing tattoo.
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Medusa Blurry Effect

So you have decided to get a tattoo, but those straightforward ones most people have are not your cup of tea? In this case, may I interest you in some psychedelic tattoos? It is a common miscomprehension that trippy tattoos are all very complicated, but in fact, there are quite a lot of easy trippy tattoos out there that are still incredibly beautiful and will play a trick on your vision. And it doesn’t have to be something big to produce that effect. Small trippy tattoos are as fascinating…

Kimiko Gabliea
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Shadowed Crocodile Tattoo

If you are a vivid reader of Bored Panda, you might already know that many animal tattoos have a deep symbolic meaning for a person. Usually, that meaning is expressed in a simple or complex way. There are a lot of animal tattoo ideas that try to utilize the two different styles in the best possible way. If you want a collection of wildlife tattoos on your body that are unique, be sure to read up on the difference between simplistic and realistic styles.

Megan Edwards