Start again

Discover tips and ideas to help you start again and embark on a fresh journey. Whether it's a new project, a new chapter in life, or a new hobby, get inspired and begin anew.
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LO sister, founded by Sadie Rob Huff, is all about championing women to live out their purpose. We believe that happens with prayer, support and encouragement. This is found in community. Through LO sister, we pray you find a safe place to be heard, share, and encourage others in their lives, too. So whether you are going for coffee, out with friends or anywhere else life brings you, there’s something so sweet about knowing you can open your app and have sisters in Christ right there with…

Wandering Teen
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Start new chapter in your life - Start life again quotes. Life doesn't end at some point. Leave past and you can start fresh everything. It is like starting new chapter in the book of your life. This is a self motivating gift for your self for your new journey in life.

Melissa Smith