Spool knitting

Discover the endless possibilities of spool knitting with these creative project ideas. Get inspired to create beautiful accessories and decorative items using the spool knitting technique.
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Apr 28, 2022 - If you'd love to learn how to knit but struggle with using the needles, start with a knitting dolly. To French knit, you simply wrap yarn around a hollow dolly that has pegs at the top. Work the yarn around the pegs to create a long knit...

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This is a tutorial on how to spool knitting. spool loom materials: spool loom loom hook blunt end needle 1. Make a slip knot 2. Twist yarn around all pegs in anticlockwise motion 3. Bring the yarn to the next peg, now we have two rows on peg 4. Place the hook under the first row of wrapped yarn, lift it up and over the top row 5. Repeat step 4 around the loom 6. To stop, cut the yarn and thread a blunt end needle with yarn tail 7. Insert needle into the stitch and lift stitch off. Repeat for…

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Paracord 4-Peg Spool Knitting: Here is what I’ve got for my paracord 4-peg spool knitting kit. This is a very cheap and easy DIY project. So let me show you how: WHAT DO YOU NEED: a PVC Coupling - 2.25 inches outer diameter (bought at HomeDepot for $1.49). 4 Cotter Pin - 2 …

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