Silica gel

Explore creative ways to use silica gel to protect and preserve your belongings. Discover how this versatile product can keep your items fresh, dry, and free from moisture.
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Those nifty packets you find tucked inside your new pair of shoes are filled with silica gel, a granular desiccant that removes moisture, protecting the item from damage. This high-capacity adsorbent is available in loose or packet form and can absorb up to 40 percent of its weight in moisture.

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Bring your wet cell phone back to life by putting it in a Tupperware filled with rice. | 13 Tips That Will Make Your Life 1000x Easier Naan, Phone Tricks, Best Cell Phone, Phone Hacks, Diy Life Hacks, Silica Gel, Coconut Flakes, Household Hacks, Tupperware

For this to work, you have to a) dry the phone as much as possible with paper towels, b) leave it out all night in a container filled with uncooked rice, and c) let it dry outdoors for 24 hours without turning it on. Do NOT try to turn it on or charge it for any reason until these three steps are complete. You can also try using silica gel packets. They will absorb moisture even faster.

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