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Kyuin Shim’s Sculptures and Digital Art Alter the Human Body - Hi-Fructose Magazine

Based in Seoul, Korea, Kyuin Shim is a digital artist and sculptor who executes dark and poignant visions by altering the human body. His latest sculptural series "Black Black" features several monochromatic renditions of mannequin-like figures whose bodies seem to disintegrate before one's eyes. In Korean, the title of the series has two meanings: "Black" and "Sound of Crying." The characters' flesh becomes consumed by bubbling matter that eventually turns into a downpour of water from…

Samuel Lopez
Print and the Store of Human Knowledge | Freeport Press متحف فني, Medical Wallpaper, Arte Peculiar, Biology Art, Brain Art, Book Page Art, Human Anatomy Art, Dictionary Art, Medical Art

Print and the Store of Human Knowledge - Freeport Press

For the compulsive list makers like us in the crowd, you know the power of putting words on paper. Jotting that task down takes it out of our active brain space, freeing our gray matter up to focus on the work at hand. We no longer worry about recall; the printed word remains unalterable whenever we need to check the list. So it is with our collective human memory, it seems. “Before the printing press, memory was the main store of human knowledge, “notes the article “Memory and the Printing…

Ramya Chandrasekhar