Screwed up

Learn how to rectify a screwed up situation with these helpful tips and tricks. Don't let mistakes hold you back - take action and turn things around.
17 People Who Screwed Up a Photo, but the Result Turned Into a Masterpiece Humour, Perfectly Timed Photos, Photography Rules, Tony Hawk, Screw It, Speak The Truth, Double Take, Screwed Up, Real Pictures

Many people believe that the best photos are planned or prepared with: good lighting, the right angles, and careful timing. However, sometimes messing with photography rules might create an extraordinary photo that nobody expected: a photo of your husband with tiny legs, your cat looking like Kitten Kong, or even a floating tree.

Lena Lundqvist
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Easy-to-hang wooden box signs with funny sentiments or images. Humorous signs are great for the office or home. Decorative signs can also sit as freestanding decor that would give a room or house that rustic vibe – sometimes with salty sayings or punny humor. From motivational quotes (Your Rainbows are Coming) to misan

Jennifer Pitman-Howell