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How to sell your art and make a living from it. I'm excited to share with you some key insights and tips that I've learned along the way. By the end of this post, you'll have a better understanding for: Art Market, Building Your Brand as an Artist, Pricing Your Art, Selling Your Art Online, Working with Art Galleries

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How to Price Artwork for Sale

One of the most common problems for emerging artists is the idea of pricing artwork for sale. All artists face it – and it can be the most difficult thing we can do. When we pour our heart and soul into a piece, how can we put a price on that? The answer is to not even use this as a determining factor. Keep emotions out of it all together (difficult thing to do, right?). Our emotions and feelings toward our own art is a very important part of what we create, but when it comes time for…

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How to price artwork

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “How much should I sell my paintings for?” You’re not alone! One of the biggest hurdles new artists face is trying to figure out how to price their artwork. This blog post will cover tips for how to price your original artwork and a pricing formula that I used wh

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Quality & Quantity: How to Create Art that Sells

By Aletta de Wal in Art Business Advice > A-Z Art Marketing Guide Welcome back to “The ABC’s of Art Marketing”—an alphabet guide to marketing your art, from A to Z. In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on the letter “Q” for Quality and Quantity. As you may remember, in my last post I urged you to trade perfection and procrastination for productivity and progress. Now I want to describe where quality and quantity come in. Quality is the proper response to […]

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