Recipes with canned tomatoes

Discover a variety of delicious recipes that feature the rich and vibrant flavors of canned tomatoes. From hearty pasta dishes to flavorful soups, find inspiration for your next meal.
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What to do with canned tomatoes? I've got you covered with these 34 delicious recipes. Here is a scrumptious pasta napoletana, one of our favorites listed in the post above. It's easy to whip up and totally delicious!

Abby Osborne
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Get creative with this pantry staple. The next time you can't figure out what to do with canned tomatoes, make one of these 11 canned tomato recipes.

Ashley Stetner
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This recipe collection that shows the breadth of options at your fingertips when you have a few cans of tomatoes in the cupboard. Sauces, pastas, soups, stews, braises, and egg dishes are included.