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Discover real stories of inspiring and empowering individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success. Get inspired by the journeys of real people and unlock your own potential.
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Have you ever thought that people act a little different around you? Like they don't say what they really want to say to you? Despite what you probably think, it doesn't mean they dislike you. In fact, underneath it all, they admire you. The problem? Your personality is too real, and it's intimidating them. They just can't deal with your ability to think for yourself and ignore stereotypes. If you think this sounds like you, you might identify with these traits.

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If you grew up in Jamaica these 15 photos will bring back some great memories. From children at play to being punished at school. Take a look back at how we grew up in Jamaica. You made your “owna” toys You loved posing for a “Pickcha” with your friends You gathered for daily assembly before […]

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