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A Present For the Princess ~ one of my favorite books as a child!  About a little blind boy who finds the perfect present for the princess ~ full story & beautiful photos Vintage, Favorite Childrens Book, Childhood Books, Favorite Childhood Books, Children's Literature, Childrens Books, Little Golden Books, Childrens Books Illustrations, Vintage Children's Books

This Friday's book is A Present for the Princess written by Janie Lowe Paschall and illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe, and published in 1959. This is such a sweet book, and I adore all the precious, soft images! Who wouldn't want to be born in a pretty white castle with animals as your friends!! Such a sweet little princess, with those adorable blue birds!! Is this boy not adorable!! Lovin' his cute outfit, too!! He didn't live far from the castle, and was blind, "But he could feel in his heart…

Stephanie Bentzinger