Primary maths activities

Discover a collection of interactive and fun primary maths activities that will help students grasp important concepts and improve their problem-solving skills. Get inspired to make math lessons enjoyable and effective.
Click through to find a Numbers to 10 Assessment FREEBIE and activities that are just perfect for Kindergarten and PreK. In this post you'll find the assessment for numbers to 10 freebie, counting activities, whole group games, math centers, and much more! Activities are year round so use them for back to school or throughout the year. All perfect for the lower primary, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classroom. Pre K, Montessori, Maths Centres, Identifying Numbers Activities, Math Centers Kindergarten, Math Centers, Math Stations, Kindergarten Math Games, Math Numbers

Building a solid number sense foundation is critical for students' long-term math success – and it starts at an early age. It is the equivalent of learning letter names and letter sounds in reading. It is important for out students to develop a deep understanding of individual numbers, their quantities, how they are represented, and...

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First Grade is such a fun age. First grade students learn many concepts that can be built on in Art, English Language Arts, Math, Engineering, Science, and more. We have shared many first grade learning activities and will be adding more to this page in the future. First Grade English Language Arts Activities One of ... Read more