Pop art bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a vibrant and energetic oasis with these creative pop art ideas. Discover how to infuse bold colors and iconic designs to create a unique and playful atmosphere in your bedroom.
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12+ Innovative Bedroom Pop Design Ideas to Try • 333k+ Inspiring Lifestyle Ideas & Images

Explore 12 innovative bedroom pop design ideas to transform your space. Discover the charm of vibrant colors, bold textures, and personalized decor that bedroom pop design has to offer.

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Explore an eccentric, Pop Art filled family home in Mumbai

This super cool family home in Mumbai is full of bright ideas, from the Pop Art theme and Pac Man themed games room, to multifunctional furniture pieces like the dining-table-come-bookcase in the living rooms, the desks-come-shelving-units in the teen bedrooms, and the marble basin-come-shower-seat in the master bathroom. Designed by Jannat Vasi, this home is also the perfect backdrop for showcasing some of Scarlet Splendour's unusual furniture pieces.

Nazia Razzaq