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Explore the world of photography illustration and get inspired to create stunning visual compositions. Discover top ideas to enhance your photography skills with illustration techniques.
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I studied Graphic Design in Bucharest, Romania and I simply love everything related to visual communication. I try to focus on Information Design because I want to design for need, not for desire. My intention is to communicate the essence of a message with minimal interventions and techniques.

Simon Voigt
Artist Inserts Drawings Into Real World Situations And The Result Is Very Cute (42 Pics) Graffiti, Illustrators, Drawing Over Photos Illustrations, Illustration Artists, Illustration Art Drawing, Photography Illustration, Creative Drawing, Artist, Illustration Art

Indian artist Vidhi Naik has created a fun and smart way to showcase her artistic talent. She draws cartoonish-looking characters and places them in real-life situations of the world around her as she makes her characters come to life.

Anshika Sinha
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The city never has empty streets as it is full of little details. Here is our collaborative project which is still in progress. Everything started when we met together with our favorite illustrators from Cluj-Napoca. We gave them our pictures of the empty city and they showed us how to see it with the artists' eyes.

Sogrin Konstantin