Paving stone patio

Transform your outdoor space with a stunning paving stone patio. Explore top ideas to create a beautiful and functional area for relaxing and entertaining in style.
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I’ve written many articles based on patios which include a guide on how to lay paving slabs yourself, how much you should expect to pay to have a new patio layed, how to pave over a manhole c…

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How to lay a patio or paving slabs using an earth rammer Shop for Earth Rammers Step 1 – Mark out Mark out the dimensions of the patio with wooden pegs and string. Step 2 – Dig out area Dig out the area, going about 15cm (6″) down. Step 3 – Mark with wooden stakes Drive […]

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I went to price up a job today where the man explained that he wanted his old patio removed with new paving slabs laid due to the weeds growing in between the paving slabs themselves. I couldn̵…

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If you own a traditional property, you'll want to choose garden paving that will complement the style of your home. This Top 10 Stone Paving Ideas for Traditional Gardens includes some of the UK's best-loved and best-selling tiles & flagstone. #paving #gardenpaving #gardening #gardendesign #gardeninspiration #pavingideas #flagstones #tiles

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