Patio canopy

Transform your patio into a tranquil oasis with a stylish canopy that provides shade and protection. Explore top ideas to enhance your outdoor space and enjoy endless hours of relaxation.
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JUMP TO A SECTION... Top 10 Dos For Patio Shade Sails (1-10)1. DO track the sun. 2. DO measure the area you want to shade. 3. DO find anchor points. 4. DO take time to make proper measurements. 5. DO make sure your anchor points are structurally sound. 6. DO slope your shade sail. 7. […]

Trish Halvorsen
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Shade is crucial for a patio or outdoor area. The sun’s UV rays not only fade and deteriorate your patio furniture, but it can also cause severe skin damage. Patio awnings are the perfect alternative to outdoor umbrellas which can get blown over in high winds and only shade your furniture. These retractable shades attach to the wall above your patio door and provide coverage for your entire patio to regulate the temperature and protect against sun damage. Find the right shade cover for your…

Ruby Gania
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I’m excited to show you this quick and relatively inexpensive project for creating a sun shade patio area. We created our own planter post to act as an anchor point for the sail and it worked beautifully. We’ve officially been in out new house for a year now and have been excited to work on some ou

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