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This month for Quilt Block Mania, we're going Traditional with a Twist. I've taken the prompt literally this time and have created this Twisted Log Cabin block, which does exactly what it says on the tin :-) It's a traditional log cabin block, but turned on point to make a fun-looking block that can be used for bigger

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This is a lovely quilt block and really easy to make. You will be cutting triangles with this method but don't run off as this is simple using a quilting ruler that has a 60° line. If you don't have a quilting ruler with a 60° line then you can use your cutting mat and we have a tutorial for that if you need it. This block is made using strips of fabric and we use 2½' strips so if you have a fabric jelly roll then this would be ideal. However, bear in mind that this block looks its

Deborah B
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Catalina loves Cats. That's why as soon as I saw this quilt pattern, I knew it was for her. It is titled Pins and Paws from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. There was some fun quilting on this quilt. I love pieced backs. It's also a good way to use up left over fabric.This backing idea is from Gyleen Fitzgerald. This is one of my favorite border quilting patterns. I love quilted straight lines. They add so much movement to a quilt. The whole quilt. Richard thought the quilting was odd, but I…

LuAnn Rickson
Quilting astronaut Karen Nyberg invites you to make a star-themed quilt block for her Astronomical Quilts Block Challenge! Click through for block ideas plus links to Karen’s stories about her out-of-this world quilting experience.

Think about you, quilting. Pair that image with your wildest, most wouldn’t-it-be-amazing dream. What does your marvel of a quilting experience look like? For astronaut Karen Nyberg, her quilting adventure was a literal out-of-this world event: making a quilt block in orbit, on the International Space Station. Wow! Inspiration doesn’t come on a scale much …

Kathleen Curd
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Hello and thank you for visiting me! Today I would like to share with you the progress I have made learning how to construct a crazy quilt block. I am following the Basic Crazy Quilt Course which is organised and run by Kathy Shaw. Last time, I had learned how to choose a balanced combination of fabrics, how to piece a basic crazy quilt block and then how to hoop it up correctly following Kathy's brilliant instructions. Since then, I have learned all about various beads, charms and trims. It…

Jane Mcqueen

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