Painted denim

Transform your denim wardrobe with these creative ideas for painted denim clothing. Explore unique designs and techniques to add a personal touch to your denim collection.
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Denim Painting 101: How to Wash Painted Denim

Washing painted denim can be scary after you have spent hours perfecting your masterpiece. There are 3 ways that I recommend washing denim in order to protect your painting and keep it looking perfect!

Pauline Savini
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The Best Way To Paint Denim

Painting denim is such a fun activity to do that can really bring new life to old worn out denim, or brand new denim you want to spice up! I actually had the idea to make and sell some painted denim to fund raise for a service trip I wanted to go on, and it […]

Janet Whitworth Byrns
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DIY Paint Splatter Denim Jeans – Makeful

As creatives, we love getting our hands dirty with a new project. But how about getting your pants the prettiest way ever, of course. The paint splattered jeans look has been popping up everywhere on celebs, on Insta, on street style blogs - you name it. So we drew some inspiration from the pros and created our own custom version of this awesome trend that gets our creative fires lit!

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