Ob Nursing

Learn essential tips and techniques for successful OB nursing. Discover the latest advancements and best practices to provide the best care for both mother and baby.
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OB & Maternity Bundle* (GTPAL, Stages OF Labor, Naegele's Rule, Prenatal Terms, etc. )

OB & Maternity Bundle | 17 pages ___________________________ INCLUDES the following topics: - Abbreviations - Pregnancy Duration - Prenatal Terms - GTPAL - GTPAL Examples - Signs of Pregnancy (Presumptive, Probable, Positive) - Pregnancy Physiology - Naegele's rule with example - What to avoid during pregnancy (Teratogenic medications & Torch Infections) - Stages of Labor - Fetal Heart Tones - Preeclampsia - VEAL CHOP - Assessment of Contractions - True vs. False Labor - 5 P's that affect…

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