No makeup

Discover how to achieve a fresh and natural look without using any makeup products. Embrace your natural features and let your true beauty shine through with these no makeup ideas.
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We’re all in this together. No, we’re not quoting High School Musical; we’re talking about how our favorite stars are just like us — at least when it comes to self-esteem. Unretouched celebrity photos show us their cellulite, stretch marks, scars, butt pimples, and that most of the time their bodies don’t look like what you see in the magazines. They’re human beings who have to deal with the same hang-ups we all do, plus the harsh judgment the media puts on them for any minimal flaw (or what…

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There are so many video tutorials online on how to wear makeup and still look natural. From sun-kissed natural to pale natural, there is a tutorial for every look, and girls around the world are aping them step by step.

Александрина Драгиева