Elevate your table setting with these creative and stylish napkin ideas. From folding techniques to decorative accents, discover how to add a touch of elegance to your dining experience.
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A simple way to display your napkins is by using napkin rings. Within seconds you can elevate your dining experience with a beautiful display. Napkin rings can also add a pop of colour to your pla…

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How To Fold Napkins Into Beautiful Bows — Smor Home Napkin Ring Folding, Room Diy Ideas, Christmas Linen Napkins, Easter Napkin Folding, Wedding Napkin Folding, How To Fold Napkins, Napkin Ideas, Fold Napkins, Valentine Home Decor

How To Fold Napkins Into Beautiful Bows — Smor Home

Coming to you this week with a little napkin hack! If you have been looking for a sign to learn how to fold your napkins a little differently the year, this is it! I have created all sorts of folds, knots, scrunches and shapes with napkins over the years. Been there, done it all. And that's why I am

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10 Ways to Fold Napkins

There are so many things I enjoy about hosting dinner parties. The food, booze, company and table setting makes the whole experience fantastic. Yes, I said table setting. I have a ton of gorgeous linens but napkin folding has always been a challenge for me. Do you agree? I always try to hide a napkin under a plate just

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