Nana osaki

Step into the captivating world of Nana Osaki and explore her enigmatic personality, style, and music. Immerse yourself in her journey and be inspired by her rebellious spirit.
Nana Osaki- I'm very aware of the fact that I'm not very skinny and that she is suuuuper skinny. :/ I'm hoping I can pull this one off though since she is one of my very favorite characters of all time Clothe Reference, Nana Fashion, Shin Nana, Nana Manga, Nana Osaki, Mode Punk, Idee Cosplay, Arte Inspo, Wall Picture

Nana Osaki (大崎 ナナŌsaki Nana) is one of the titular characters in the NANA series. She is the lead vocalist of the initially underground punk band, the Black Stones, who moved to Tokyo in order to pursue her dreams about becoming a famous singer. Nana Osaki is a slender young woman with chin-length black hair that hangs on either side, dark brown eyes (green eyes in the PS2 game) and a pink/red lotus flower tattoo (she argues with Nana Komatsu. that it's a ren flower) on her upper left arm…

Ashley Nichols