Murdoc gorillaz

Dive into the intriguing world of Gorillaz and discover the enigmatic persona of Murdoc. Get to know the story behind this iconic character and his role in the band's music and visuals.
Murdoc Niccals, Gorillaz


Murdoc Alphonce "Faust" Niccals is the official bass player, self-proclaimed leader and founder of Gorillaz. Murdoc is based on The Rolling StonesW guitarist Keith RichardsW, Creeper from Scooby-DooW, Victor FrankensteinW [1] and Morgan Nicholls, a friend of Jamie Hewlett and Gorillaz real-life bassist during Phase Two. He is also loosely based on Damon Albarn himself, with many of the events that happen to Murdoc and things that Murdoc says is loosely based on that of Albarn. [2] "Damon is…