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ANUA Heartleaf 70 Intense Calming Cream with Ceramide, Panthenol, Heartleaf extract, Korean Skin care - (50ml /1.69Fl. Oz)

About this item [⚒REPAIRS DAMAGED SKIN BARRIER⚒] Contains Ceramides and Panthenol, effective ingredients to repair damaged skin barrier. [🌿FORMULATED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS🌿]: Contains 70% Heartleaf Extract harvested in Korea, for soothing and gentleness. [⛅️DAILY FACIAL MOISTURIZER⛅️] Formulated for all skin types including sensitive and dry skin, and is free from all harmful substances. [💦NON-GREASY TEXTURE💦] Creamy yet not greasy consistancy provides instant hydration and quickly…


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