Miniature christmas

Get inspired by these creative ideas for miniature Christmas decorations. Transform your space into a festive wonderland with these charming and unique miniatures.
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There is no hope for me ~ I am a confessed miniaholic. I don't really care to be cured. I am happy to live with this burden ;-) If there is an empty bookshelf hanging around ~ there is a reason to decorate with minis. This early American shelf was once stained in a dark wood tone. It was charming, but of course I grabbed a can of spray paint and the rest is history. It's turned into a mini townhouse of sorts, an Upstairs Downstairs of the mini world. Here it is all decorated for Christmas…

Fabienne Senica
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I know a lot of us are into the holiday spirit recently involving minis..and the macro's ;) I was going to join this little craft fair a local school was having this year..then I saw how big it actually was..then I chickened out.. I ADMIT IT. Also in my hide under a rock defence, I really did not have any stock items to sell. There is another smaller fair..library style ..*lol*.. I may look into. That one may be the best to dip my mini toes into. Sometimes its hard to come out of your mini…

Shannon Taylor
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It is a very cold and dark day here in Holland so what better time than today for making some easy mini candles. Just follow the steps and have fun. Erasers often have that nice waxy look that candles also have . So find some erarers in the color and shape you like. Remember you can cut shapes and sizes with a craft knife so you can have any shape you like. Now on to the wick. You will need a pointed needle and a piece of cotton trhead. I used tatting thread. Thread through the eraser…

Country Love
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I thought I was making something simple this year turns out it wasn’t 😅 The making of the book was easy peasy but the bit inside the book not so easy. Anyways it was a fun to make cake and loved every detail. Hope you guys like it too. I’ve added a li

Lori Maeder
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I heard of these years ago from another mom at my kids’ gymnastics class. She had older daughters and told about all the fun they had making these mini-wreaths to use as wrapping decorations. That was before Pinterest was a thing, so I only have her to credit for the idea, and I don’t even […]

Lorraine Hedger