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10 Greatest War Tactics Ever Performed in History | Great War Tacticians | Fact Republic

A general with great tactics can turn the tide of a war no matter how massive the opposing army is. Below is a few example of military tactics that were used by men to change the outcome of their battles. So here is a list of 10 Greatest War Tactics Ever Performed in History. Illness […]

Arty Mat
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Ed Okun "Modeling Military History"

The contents of this post are pretty much self explanatory. An amazing collection of photos taken from Israeli aircraft gun-camera film. The very last picture is, of course, my old Revell 1/32 MiG-21 PFM before I repainted it. See my earlier post on "Egyptian Air Force MiG-21-PFS". The Video of the Mirage-MiG dogfight was created by very talented Frenchman and computer artist Mr. Gael Elegoet. Link to his site: Here is a short video describing a MiG kill by Israeli Air…


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