Marshmallow filling

Elevate your desserts with these mouthwatering marshmallow filling ideas. Try these recipes to add a fluffy and sweet touch to your favorite treats.
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Creamy, fluffy, marshmallow-y frosting. Delicate yet sturdy enough to frost and fill a cake, this recipe comes together in ten minutes and adds a great twist to any cake.

Elizabeth Ramirez
Cookie Sandwiches with No-Fail Marshmallow Buttercream | Two chocolate chip cookies stuffed with a no-fail, not too sweet, no measuring required marshmallow buttercream frosting. #marshmallow #buttercream Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich, Cookie Frosting Sandwich, Chocolate Chip Cookies Sandwich, Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Filling, Cookie Sandwich Recipes Buttercream Frosting, Buttercream Stuffed Cookies, Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cookie Sandwich Cookies, Cookie Sandwich Ideas

An easy no-fail recipe for sturdy, silky, not-too-sweet marshmallow buttercream frosting stuffed between two chocolate chip cookies!

Pam Tillman