Market stall display ideas earrings

Enhance the appeal of your market stall with creative display ideas for earrings. Discover unique ways to showcase your earrings and attract customers to your stall.
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Sea Stone Paper/Photo Stands

Here's a quick little project I made for my art festival set-ups. I used these rock and wire stands for holding prices and town labels; you could use them for photos, dinner names cards, mini signs, bible verses or almost anything else thin and/or made of paper. Gather: - Wire. Find some that holds it's shape but isn't too thick to easily bend and shape. - Rocks. I wanted mine to be nice and round, so I gathered them at a a local ocean-side park that has the best and smoothest sea stones…

Анастасія Палаєвець
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An Array of Earrings

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Inspired by a trip to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, I've come up with some blah to TADA! ideas for you crafters out there who are selling your creations. Today, I'll show you how to display the earrings that you're putting on sale. If you don't have a stand like this one, let me show you how to make something like this. Blah: Stacks of old cardboard. Cut, paint and decorate. TADA! Just add the earrings! Make a slit or punch some holes to attach the earrings…

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