Madame gres

Discover the exquisite designs and timeless elegance of Madame Gres. Learn about the iconic fashion designer and her influence on the industry. Experience the allure of Madame Gres's creations today.
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Germaine Emilie Krebs was born in 1903, Paris. She changed her name several times, known as Alix Barton and later as "Madame Grès". In 1937 Krebs chose to sign Grès, the anagram of her Russian husband's first name Serg. And La Maison Grès officially opened in 1941 and was located at 1, rue de La Paix, in Paris. The Grand Dame of haute couture. She produced haute couture designs for clientele that included the Duchess of Windsor, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Jackie Kennedy, and Dolores del…

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